To Start…

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my first blog post for The Rowan Milani Chronicles. My plan is to have fun sharing some FAQs about my first three thrillers as well as tidbits on the fourth. Along with “book stuff” I am looking forward to engaging with my super cool readers about the things I’m passionate about, and things that I love.

Perhaps my main passion, since experiencing 9/11 while employed in the airline industry, and visiting Ground Zero many times, is to educate everyone about the threat we face from jihad carried out by fundamental and radical Islamists. In pursuit of that goal, I’ve met some amazing and courageous people involved in special operations, law enforcement, and counter-terrorism. The willingness of these special people to share information and insights has enabled me to write accurately.

Another passion near and dear to my heart are my Glock pistols. (Sooo sexy!) When I need a writing break, you may find me refreshing my mind at the shooting range. Tied to my passion for Glock pistols is my strong advocacy for our Second Amendment. The personal empowerment of self-defense is a precious right for every American. miniG3

I am passionate about encouraging all people to pursue their dreams. We owe it to ourselves to make the most of the one life we’ve been given. Too often I’ve met folks who are consumed with daily responsibilities and obligations to the point where they themselves are lost, or invisible. I consider that a tragedy. Find a way to pursue your goals and dreams! You won’t be sorry, and may even be surprised at how much you enrich not only your life, but the lives of those you’re closest to.

Those of you who already know me have probably noticed (big DUH) that tearing up the blacktop in our Mustang convertible is definitely one of the things I love. Numerous trips are on the summer agenda, both here in Flyover Country, and a few beyond. I’m excited to share pictures and thoughts as each trip unfolds. Y TRIP 5-12 3

Of course, Lucy the rotten Rat Terrier (Rat Terrorist is more like it) is a big part of my life and she will most likely get her licks in…er, instead of bites. If you have ever met a Rat Terrier, you know they’re more than happy to give you either. No matter her mood, she is a much loved companion and member of the family. Plus she runs the house and who can argue with that? IMG_1717

Please reach out to chat about anything I’ve mentioned. I’m always up for a conversation. As an author I especially love talking about the characters and my continuing thriller series. Very often I’ve told my husband Ernie (he’s a long-suffering soul) that I’d much rather spend time with the people occupying the world inside my head. I’m quite certain there are days when he’d probably prefer I did that as well.  🙂